I am a firm believer in sharing what you build. Often I have found that my growth in my career has been helped by others willing to share. Here I plan to share what I've been working on as I go through an curate my projects. While some are incomplete others just need better documentation. Please let me know if anything helps or if I can improve on something!


I have amassed a lot of technology books over the years and ran out of space on my Google Drive. So I built this site to house them in the cloud and read them online. It is currently a collection of other services and applications to serve things like note taking, labeling, collecting sites, etc. My plan is to break this up more and make this a "books" only application and build a suite of applications that are all connected to help collect my ideas.

Nature API

Using Machine Learning models will be an essential skill some day so I wanted to learn how to use one in Go. The original plan was to have this be a stand alone application within a container but hosting it became difficult because of the resource requirements. Everything runs locally through the container though. Send a picture of an animal to the endpoint and it will return the name. It is incomplete at the moment because I want to incorporate information from Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia.

Reading List

This is a Clojure application that is still a work in progress. It uses Clojure and Clojurescript in order to allow users to track books they want to read, have read, or liked. Plans for the future are to create lists of books for organizing reading lists.

Beer APIs

This is my version of the RealWorld project. I change it to be a problem unique to myself so it's not exact pattern matching to help me learn new technologies.


This is a static site generator I built to maintain this site. Why not use Hugo? It became too complicated. I just wanted something I could maintain myself and at my pace. It is open source an incomplete at the moment. Simplicity was its original purpose. It gave me exposure to Go's operating systems package as well as its template library.