Simple Site

Over the past couple of months I have worked on trying to increase my flow of writing. So far I have failed at that. I don't really have an excuse for it but upon reflection I thought that I could maybe make things a little easier on myself by simplifying my website.

I drew inspiration from a site I found called Tiny Projects and another post about building a digital garden. The problem with my sites have always been they are cumbersome and mildly complicated. This stems from the origin of having a "digital resume" or portfolio to show to others for job searches. There I tried to flex my developer muscles by writing complicated HTML, to building with Gulp.js and Pug, then moving to a Javascript framework, to using Hugo. Each step had it's complications and were not maintainable.

Now I have built a new site. Not relying on any frame work. I'm using a tool that I built myself (which may cause its own complications in the future) and everything is written in Markdown for quick drafting and publication. I am using Bulma for my CSS and the only Javascript being used is for analytics.

I'm hoping to use this site to curate a "digital garden" or a source of where I can display my projects, share interesting sites or papers I find, or speed up my writing. I've moved away from this being a way to get a job towards an expression of who I am. I hope this resonates with others and that they reflect and build something themselves.

Follow Up

Since writing this post I stumbled across this article and was happy to see that there are more people who are looking towards developing sites that are simple.