On Writing

Throughout my career I've always had side projects to help me learn, to practice, to sharpen my skills. Sometimes they were relate to things I had read or ideas that had crossed my mind. Whatever the reason for working on the project it typically ended up being benefitial for my personal growth. Unknowingly I was establishing a practice of a kata, doing an activity in order to refine and hone your skills.

Writing has always been an interest of mine and something I haven't taken seriously enough. I often hate the sound of my own voice and have low self confidence in what I have to say. Often what I write or speak comes out unclear, clumbsy, or off topic. I have ideas and want to articulate them properly but I often fail at that. I need to practice.

For a while I was able to write daily in a journal and occasionally a blog post. I have obviously fallen out of this habit and I feel as though I have suffered a little for it. By writing we learn to take what is in our mind and try to explain it to others. The abilty to explain convey your thoughts is extremely important and a skill that some may not naturally have.

To do this I need to start back into writing. I need to have writing katas, both in my personal journal as well as here. I need to be able to explain myself and learn how to continue to grow in my writing.