New Year

I doubt anyone subscribes to my blog or reads it regularly but do those who tune in may have noticed that I haven’t been updating as much recently. For a while I was on a good pattern of posting once a week or at least every other week. These posts where planned and structured and part of an on going process of learning and self discovery. But that changed. Where I was once learning and writing about technology and felt inspired each step of the way, I soon found that both the projects and writing became strained and obligatory instead of inspired.

I was sitting with a series of drafts that were left unfinished, a long list of things I wanted to write about, and a long list of projects; I knew I needed to complete something. On top of that I reflected and noticed that some articles I had written were done practically in one sitting because it was inspired and raw. Revisiting these posts I was quickly able to refine and publish and are some of the ones that I’m most proud.

So the question that I’ve been spending more than a month on is how do I accomplish writing regularly and make sure that I’m publishing at least once a week while feeling inspired to do so. The answer I’ve stumbled upon was to embrace brevity. There are posts I read and talks I watch that I sometimes want to weigh in on. No one may care what one more person has to say but I feel like maybe I need to find my own voice. As I said in my first post that this is a blog for me to help gather my thoughts and try to grow and maybe some will find it useful.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to just repost links. I hope to continue to write longer posts with code examples but hoping that these smaller posts will get me into a better writing rhythm. Which ultimately is what I am aiming for.

Writing does so much for me. It helps me find a voice, one that I often struggle with, but instead of hating the sound of my own voice, I’d rather find one I like. Instead of worrying what people think, I’d rather be a voice that people can choose to listen to. I also like how writing helps me better understand my own thoughts, ideas, patterns, and technology overall.

In this New Year I'm making a public resolution to write inspired and often. To work towards improving my writing skills and develop a platform to share my ideas. Last year helped me take these first steps but given the time to reflect I have found that (like most things at years end) it became bloated, slow, and tiring. So now I take a fresh approach and work towards the goal of honing a craft that I wish to pursue and grow.