Another Tech Blog

Who needs another technology blog? Aren't there enough out there? It seems like it's a right of passage for someone to create one but to who's benefit? This has been the third or fourth (maybe fifth) attempt for me to start some sort of blog each with their vision.

Yet in the end they sit in a corner of the internet wasting away helping no one. All blogs feel that they need to solve the world's problems, get one million hits, and then the authors can quit their day jobs.

The other course of action is to write a blog that is "for myself" and forget everyone else. But why not just keep a journal or a long running text document of your thoughts and little scripts?

What goes wrong?

I've found myself on both of the above tracks. Writing to be a well published blog that had millions of followers. When I didn't get any traction with that I did it for myself with no sound audience. I found that over time neither of these venues worked for me and I wasn't able to figure out why.

In writing for an audience I felt overwhelmed about what I should be writing and in the end everything felt derivative. And to be honest no one would really want to read what I had written anyway because it had no soul, was over thought, and really didn't show anything earth shattering.

The next time I started I figured, "What the hell I'll do this for myself," but in the end failed because without an audience who was I writing for? I was essentially talking to myself and was unable to connect with the world.

The Current Inspiration

I find myself writing now with a purpose. Often it's for a small audience at work but the feedback I recieve is great and I find I have developed a better technical vocabulary. This processallows me to clear my head and organize my thoughts on certain technology subjects more often. It also can be a reference to come back to when starting a new project or task. In the end it's meaningful writing but not for anyone in particular.

I then stumbled across an article about writing small "b" blogs and it was perfect. It was exactly what I had wanted to hear and is why I'm starting this blog. The author states that if a post reaches only a small number of people that is fine. It's the networking and collaboration that stems from what you write that is the true benefit of blogging. You can paint a better picture of yourself for others to understand your thoughts and how you work. You may inspire a project or build a connection. It's truely what can make the internet beautiful and so interesting.

My Future

To open up a bit more on this subject I really hope that this can bring me into connections with other people and possibly collaborate on projects or assist in building ideas. I love what I do and I love the culture that surrounds it and I want to continue to learn and grow and help others to learn and grow as well. So please, if you are reading this and have an opinion or thoughts or questions or just connect please reach out.

Hopefully I will write things that will bring people here and not make this just another failed blog.